The beginning of #MargiKishaadi

It didn’t seem like I was getting married, that it was my wedding!  We checked into the Royal Cliff Grand Hotel in Pattaya on the 23rd even though official wedding celebrations were going start from the 25th. The day started with bonding between the two families followed by a small puja and then some last minute dance practice.

23rd December

My mom wanted me to wear a saree for at least one of the wedding functions so I wore one that I had recently purchased as a part of my trousseau. I went for a green saree since it’s supposed to be auspicious to wear green during puja and of course because it was beautiful! I picked this saree from Ratanshi Kheraj Saree’s in Mumbai (unless you are an older reader I wouldn’t expect you to know about this label). I know about the brand as my family is obsessed with their beautiful handwoven Banarasi Sarees. Last year I saw their sarees at the Vogue wedding show and I decided to visit the store.

My mum wanted me to get a few traditional sarees as a part of my trousseau. I am Gujarati and we are known for our traditional handcrafted Bandini Sarees. However, I am not a big fan of Bandini Sarees which is why I choose Banarsi Silk. I wanted a proper traditional silk saree which gives me a lively look, and when I saw the bright parrot green one I knew it was the one.

24th December

The wedding festivities began with a small Mehndi function with our close family and friends. All the women applied Mehndi and sang traditional Gujarati wedding songs! I wanted to enjoy every moment of my wedding so I applied mehndi beforehand; I think that was the best decision. During the official event, I could freely walk around, dance, talk to people rather than just sitting in one corner. 

I was very satisfied and loved every outfit I wore for each event, especially because they were exactly what I imaged myself wearing!  There wasn’t a point when I had to sit down and do specific research for my outfits. I’m literally always reading fashion related posts or looking at pictures of the latest fashion Indian outfits. It also helped that in the months coming up to the wedding I was following every Indian fashion related Instagram account on the planet! All of this meant it was very easy to get carried away with all my wedding looks and end up with something that wasn’t even me!


As much as I looked for inspiration on the internet, I made sure I kept true to myself. It was the little things like:

  • The outfit should compliment my body type (small waist, wider hips and huge thighs)
  • I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t regret my outfit choices when I look back at my wedding pictures.  
  • I love minimal Indian fashion so not too much bling! It is very hard to stick to that when you are the bride, my main priorities were to look like a bride but still keep my aesthetic!

Now finally let’s get to the outfit I wore while applying mehndi! I wanted something that was super comfortable to sit in for hours and as I am quite clumsy I needed something low maintenance that wouldn’t be a hassle to handle!

Before this day I had never worn a dhoti outfit before because I’m quite conscious about how my thighs would look in dhoti pants! Almost at the end of my wedding shopping, I visited a designer whose work I had never seen before “Anoli Shah” and found this outfit that was perfect while applying mehndi! I found the outfit really cute and perfect for the occasion. It looked pretty and when I sat down the dhoti drapes would fall down making sure my Mehndi wouldn’t touch the outfit! The people at Anoli Shah were kind enough to give me an option of two sleeves. One was a short one for the event and the other was a longer version (the original) for the future! The outfit was a beautiful mix of silk and satin with minimal golden embroidery and I wore some real flower jewellery with the attire.

I did not give a lot of thought to the Mehndi design but had a few ideas with me. While I was getting my mehndi done I noticed that my wedding team had created mini pillow tables for the ceremony which had our wedding logo on it! I loved our wedding logo and I decided to add it as a part of mehndi. I also asked the artist to make a world map with a little paper aeroplane flying from Thailand to Michigan! 



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