About me

My childhood was an interesting one. I grew up in Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Thailand but still managed to keep my Indian heritage. I was lucky to grow up in very diverse countries and coupling that with the major international influences helped me become the person I am today.

In my early studies I never saw myself with any creativity in visual arts, design, or any sense of fashion. As a child, I always wanted to become a lawyer. However, after high school, I decided to go to pursue a degree in Economics in University. Unfortunately, my heart and mind weren’t present where I physically was. I would end up sketching clothes in the back of all my notebooks and started caring more and more about what I was going to wear to class and what the latest fashion trends were.

Six months later I decided to pursue my passion and enrolled in design school. This time pursuing a degree in Fashion Design as an outlet for my creative mind and new found passion. However, it wasn’t enough for me and that is when “La Rose Quotidien” was created. I started the blog back in 2014 but with going to school full time I couldn’t give La Rose the attention it deserved. Now that I’ve graduated University and have more time I’ve decided to relaunch my blog as “La Rose Diaries” and get back to sharing my love for writing, photography, style, food, and travel.