Masons Lot – Hong Kong

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ve moved to Hong Kong for a few months! No doubt I’ve always loved Hong Kong and each time I would visit I wished I could live here! In some way, it’s happening! So, I’m going to explore this city in and out & you can too with me.  🙂

Also in case you already didn’t know this second part already, from all my of Instagram and Snapchat posts of cute cafes, restaurants and food! I have a HUGE thing for cafes and food.

Cafes give me this warm, happy and homey feeling. I’m able to work in these busy places or even relax amidst strangers or of course, also enjoy a meal or coffee with my friends.

This cafe isn’t someplace you would just come across unless you wanted to hunt it down! It’s a tiny cafe snug in 12 Swatow street, Wan Chai. I naturally, googled and read some other blog posts about Hong Kong cafes before I came here. This one had to be a first as its 15 mins away from my university and a 10-minute walk from MRT Wan Chai.

Other than the adorable yet dreamy exterior and interior the menu was quite unusual for what looked like a tiny kitchen behind the counter, I sadly didn’t have time for a meal as I was running late. Though next time, I would be sure to either try the beetroot with goat cheese & walnut risotto. However, the black coffee I ordered was delicious, Di Gabriel an Australian roast.


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