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I’m back and sharing a recipe for some delicious Momos today! In case you’ve never heard of or know what a momo is: its a type of dumpling!

Specifically made using refined flour vs a traditional dim sum that’s made using rice starch, wheat starch or even potato starch. (Also momos originated in Tibet vs Dim sum is Chinese)

Momos are very popular in India (especially the north) and is more of a street food served with spicy red chutney! I love all kinds of dumplings/dim sum/momos and after moving to MIchigan it was hard to find these! (Specially because I’m vegetarian). So I decided to make them myself and after a quick google search I had multiple tabs and recipes open!

I figured out my own recipe by combining the things I liked from all the different recipes I found on the internet! Making it better than following only one! I personally find the whole process of making them and then eating them very satisfying! I hope you do to, enjoy!

P.S I also like to add in some soy sauce when sautéing the filling!


For the dough:

For Folding:

I love eating momos with plain old soy sauce but if you want something more! You could also use Ching’s schezwan chutney, add in some chopped chili’s to your soy sauce or even make a quick chutney by crushing some garlic, green chili’s’ s and oil together!

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