White Shirt 1.0

There are uncountable fashion styles, and I don’t adhere to just one.

Clean cuts and neutral palettes call out to me, I’ve used the phrase “less is more” several times on this blog, and I still believe in it. White cotton shirt dresses are so simple but so elegant.

The drawstring at the waist of this ready to wear shirt dress transforms the original rectangular shape into one that singed at the waist. This creates several gathers that help add beautiful details in this simple shirt.

This simple shirt dress gives me a zen vibe maybe because it’s oversized and the large sleeves reminded me of a Japanese aesthetic. I went forward with this state of mind and added on a bag that holds the same vibe but with architecturally inspired details. I paired the look with rose gold and chunky white heels to add a pop of colour.

I’m also sharing a secret gem of mine; it’s not a secret but I love this high street fashion label called Monki.  Each time I go to Hong Kong I make it a point to visit this store. I feel it always has the most refreshing and quirkiest clothes.


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