Sports Luxe

Sports luxe, athleisure, or a more refined version of gym wear. There are several names given to this style and it has boomed up like a rocket in the fashion industry. The international runways started to display sports luxe and Alexander Wang helped make sports luxe the trendiest fashion trend of the time by adapted this carefree style and fusing it with his aesthetics. Slowly the street style fashionistas attending these shows were seen wearing the style, and it has recently trickled down to the high street labels.

I believe it was the end of September/start of October, when I went on a shopping trip to a mall in Bangkok. Every label between Zara and Forever 21 had a section offering clothing of this style. The sports luxe style has been something I have loved for the past eight months or so, despite not having the perfect ‘fit’ body, I couldn’t help myself but wear it (nearly every day!).

I also ended up creating a contemporary sportswear collection which only made me love it more. Like I’ve mentioned in the past there is an abundant amount of different styles so why limit yourself to just one or a few. Despite this, I do have a few favourites, and this is why I decided to add a little bit of Indian to this sports luxe look I curated. (I’M sorry for the number of times, I’ve mentioned the words: SPORTS LUXE.) (no, really)!

This entire look started off with this super ‘bling’ metallic, midi skirt (Zara)  There were a few things that made me purchase it, the fact that it’s a midi — skirt, it’s pleated and umm it’s silver! I paired it with this white cropped sweatshirt I found in a Hong Kong boutique and added on this mint blue bomber. Of course, this look wouldn’t be complete without a pair of sneakers, so I went for the Nike Roshes in white. To top it off, I added on the silver oxidised ‘nathni’.

I wasn’t sure what I was trying to do here…but I guess I was trying to prove to myself that sports luxe doesn’t have to be the usual or boring or look like gym wear. Even with it mainly being different ‘basics’ put together you can create a look you wear out other than going to the gym.



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