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Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Nirmal Herbal Clinic, spa and salon! It was my first time attending a spa that provided a service of using “Food” as a cosmetic. I was given the choice of choosing any of the different spa services they offered that varied from facials, cleanups, body massages, scrubs and hair treatments!

On a personal note, I’m not going through the best skin phase so I felt a clean up was much needed. One of their staff members suggested I go for their ‘Devine clean up’ which was meant to be for someone with hypersensitive skin! It had my name all over it, so that is what I went for! I was expecting a regular clean up with a couple of facemasks and a lot of squeezing out of the blackheads and unwanted bumps on my face! What I failed to realise though was when they said, “We only use natural products and methods”, they actually did! The esthetician (who was so nice btw, loved you Urmila!) informed me that they don’t use any instruments on the skin at the facility and only use natural products.

The cleanup lasted for about an hour which started off with a face mask that contained red lentil (masoor dal), carrot juice, and almonds! This was followed by another facemask made of oats and almonds (this smelled good enough to be eaten!). After the masks, they performed a face massage using everything natural (and possibly edible) ranging from coconut milk and regular milk with fresh rose petals to coconut pulp and saffron!

I’ll be honest, I hate massages and body treatments. Firstly, it’s because I truly do not know how to relax and secondly because many times my skin gets super irritated! Shockingly during and at the end of this clean up my skin and I both felt rejuvenated it was softer, cleaner and brighter! It was so surprising because this was done without any chemicals or artificial products! Also, you know how they say your mother is your best critic? Mine didn’t know that I went for a cleanup and she commented how my skin looked so bright and fresh that day! For me, if my Mum is impressed then something is right!

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