Life update: Why am I still in Asia? Why was I MIA?

          Updating you all about what am I doing these days and why I have not been regular with my Instagram and my blog. So let’s start with where all of this begins. I graduated from the design school by the end of 2016 and soon after that, I met Kishan (my husband). We got engaged in 2017 and by the end of 2018, we were married. This complete pre-wedding period was very busy with all the travelling between India, Bangkok and US followed by wedding planning.

Approximately two weeks ago I planned to post my second wedding blog post I was so overwhelmed with other things that I  wasn’t able to do it. There are so many things happening right now that I couldn’t write a post rejoicing my wedding. For me being an influencer isn’t about sharing the current fashion trend or sharing my favourite beauty product. Over the years I have shared more than that with all of you. I felt before I continue posting about the wedding I should give you all a life update.

If you have been following me for a while, you probably know I got married in December to Kishan and he lives in America. The plan was to move to America after my wedding but as they needed more documents, my green card got delayed. Finally, after a month when we got the rest of the documents, we received an emailed saying that we still need few more documents. Since then it’s been five months and I still don’t have my US Visa.

I’ve been very lucky that I and Kishan still got some time to be with each. He had to miss a lot of his work due to the wedding but he still managed to surprise me on our engagement anniversary as well as for Valentine’s day. We went on our honeymoon and then spent some more time together in Bangkok.

There are some bad days when I wake up missing my other half and a phone call or FaceTime session just won’t do it. At times we barely get time to talk because of our insane 12-13 hour time difference and busy lives. So I have had days where I’ve been feeling too low to do anything. I am grateful that during this period I get to spend more time with my family and friends and be at my home for longer.

Finally, I have an upcoming visa appointment and soon (hopefully) I will have my green card! It will be opposite then, and I will miss my family and being at home.

Also, I have started work on my own fashion label. Which has always been a goal for me? We still have a long way to go, but its finally happening and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been spending all my time trying to set up my production and getting my US Visa done!

Currently, I’m back home in Bangkok, on my last official trip to my mommy before I go back to India for the last time (for work and meet more family) and then probably America to my husband!

Now about this look, I’m wearing this gorgeous dress by a recently launched label Trish Couture. The designer and person behind this label is actually my best friend Trisha Datwani. She and I met in my first year of college, she was my first friend in Mumbai! So we’ve literally taken our first steps towards becoming a designer together and I am so proud of her today!

This is one of mine and many peoples favourite pieces from her first collection, I love the modest colour scheme and the beautiful embroidery integrated with scalloped applique!

I paired this dress with this gorgeous rectangular emerald and diamond choker necklace and top earnings from Anmol Jewellers.

Do click here to see the rest of Trisha’s beautiful designs!

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