For the book worms!

I’ve loved reading since I can remember! I remember my mom reading to me and then buying me books since I was 6. Since then there has been no stopping me. I’ve naturally been drawn to books which have female protagonists and of course a fun storyline! I feel like I grew up on Jacklin Wilson in primary school and then went on to Meg Cabot and so on! Now that I’m sitting here trying to compile a list of some my recent/all-time favourite books and authors I’ve had the epiphany that I don’t read anymore! I used to read all the time and sometimes stay up till late until I finished the book! With so much changing, getting busier and adulting! I’ve forgotten about reading as much. I used to read every night before going to bed and I definitely need to start again! I love real books that I can touch and smell and keep forever over electronic books! I did purchase a kindle recently though and have loved it! I still sometimes want to read a real book though!

I always wanted to compile a list of my all-time favourite reads but since my bookshelf is back home in Thailand and I’m here in America so I may be missing a few favourites!


  1. Jane Austen’s Novels – let’s call her the OG of chic lit. 
  2. Mellisa Nathan
  3.  Sophie Kinsella – The best. 
  4.  Insightful, hilarious & gripping. 
  5.  Rainbow Rowell 
  6.  Jhon Green
    7.    Nicolas Sparks 8.  Girl Boss



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