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Being from opposite sides of the world, I never imagined that our paths would ever cross. Kishan is a tech savvy entrepreneur, born and raised in the US and I’m a fashion blogger and designer from Bangkok, currently living between Bangkok and Mumbai.

December 2016 // It just so happened that Kishan was visiting India and I had just moved to India. We were both attending the same wedding in Surat where we were introduced to each other. The awkwardness of meeting someone when surrounded by thousands of people didn’t leave much space for any conversation other than a very quick hello.

Kishan knew the wedding would soon be over and he would be heading to Mumbai afterward. When he realised that I lived in Mumbai,  he hatched a plan to strike up a conversation with me at the reception! He knew I was from Thailand and started speaking loudly to his friends about his recent visit to Thailand. I overheard and became intrigued about who was talking about my home country. Kishan’s plan had worked! We got talking (about everything I was interested in because he had done his research!)  and he asked me to show him around Mumbai when he visited.  A couple of days later, we met for dinner in Mumbai.

We both really enjoyed dinner and decided to grab coffee the next day. Our coffee date turned into lunch which led to walking on the boardwalk and finally ended after dinner near the beach. Very quickly we realised there was something special between us that kept us wanting to constantly see and talk to each other. Our love story wasn’t an ordinary one, it was one of instant connection. After countless WhatsApp calls, late night Skype sessions, and FaceTimes, Kishan knew I was the one and called my dad and asked for permission to marry me.

Shortly thereafter, my family planned a trip to the US for the engagement ceremony but Kishan wanted to do a proper proposal as well. He started scheming again and worked closely with all our family and friends to set up the perfect proposal. He told me there was no need for a proposal because they already had set the engagement date and I was very disappointed (I tried not to show it). Of course, Kishan being the closet romantic he is had already gotten the ring weeks in advance and had planned the perfect proposal for me!

With the engagement date set for Saturday, he knew that he couldn’t take me out to a nice dinner on Friday as I would know it was coming. Instead, he took me out for dinner Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and every night I thought I was going to be proposed to but it never happened. Finally, after the last dinner on Friday, I realised there was no proposal happening and I became sad but tried to play it off. Little did I know, Kishan was having my dream proposal set up at home. He used an excuse to stop by at home and when we got to his house he opened the doors to beautifully lit candles, rose petals, fairy lights, and luminary bags that read “Marry me?” I was so mesmerised I didn’t even realise he was already on one knee with the ring in his hand! He had a photographer hiding in the dark ready to capture our special moment.

February 10th, 2017  – The Proposal 

February 11th, 2017  – The Engagement 


February 14th, 2017 – The post – engagement shoot (Surprised me a day before with it! For valentines day) 

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