The story behind the ‘Beetle Shoot’ // Learn how to colour block using the colour wheel

A couple of months ago I decided to go on a personal quest, to be more creative. After graduating from college it was difficult to balance between my personal life and work life. My personal life took priority then and my blogging career had to take a set back. A huge part of starting fresh was putting in more effort and thought when creating content for the blog. I opened up a fresh notebook and started brainstorming my ideas. The beetle shoot was something that my close friend and occasional photographer Aniruddh and I were brewing for a while, everything was planned but we were struggling to find an opportunity to shoot it. We finally shot it in September. There were quite a few conversations about what the concept behind this shoot should be, our top choices were stranded on the highway or shooting a glamours dress with the beetle. At the end our concept changed because of the outfit I decided on!

How did I choose this outfit?

I was really confused about what I should wear for a shoot with this adorable but orange car! So I brought out my secret weapon, one of the first things I learned in design school was how useful the “Colour Wheel” can be!

Using it is very simple and it can help prevent design bloopers or solve your fashion confusions! Using the colour wheel to play with the complementary colours, picking a colour on the wheel and drawing a straight line across the wheel, can give you your complementary colour! The high contrast of the complementary colours  creates a vibrant look.

Contrasting to orange was blue and based on that I went on a hunt to source an outfit for this shoot! I came across the label Aanchal Rohra on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her collection. The whole look came together and we decided to shoot by the lanes of Bandra, in front of beautiful old houses and bandstand.


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